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26 jul 2022

I often hear people reject arguments in discussions as "whataboutisms". The idea is that whataboutisms - "ok, you're angry about thing A, but what about thing B and thing C" - effectively undermine any kind of critique.

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The fediverse

19 jan 2022

TLDR: I think the Fediverse - a group of community-owned, open-source, self-hosted, decentralized and interconnected social media platforms - is a cool and promising alternative to the absolute mess that we have let ourselves be trapped in. For more info on the Fediverse, see for instance this.

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The status quo is radical

23 okt 2021

Some people might say that an idea like degrowth is (in a disqualifying way) "radical", but it is the current system that is radical. It is undermining the very basis of everyday life. On a global scale. For (at least) centuries to come. No system or group of people has ever been so close to realizing something so utterly insane. If the path you walk leads to large-scale destruction, it's the "prudent conservatives" who are the irresponsible radical nutcrackers.

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How many people work for me?

23 aug 2021

Every day a certain amount of work is done. Food is grown. Machines are built and operated. Stuff is transported. If I would add up all the time - the seconds, minutes, hours - that other people work to provide me with the things that I consume, would I arrive at 1 FTE? 2 FTE? 5?1 In other words: BP may have tricked me into thinking about my carbon footprint [2], but what is my labour foot print??

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29 jul 2021

Conservatives often want to stop the world from changing, unless this requires them to change their own ways. In that case they prefer to deny that the world is changing.

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