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19 jan 2022

The fediverse

TLDR: I think the Fediverse - a group of community-owned, open-source, self-hosted, decentralized and interconnected social media platforms - is a cool and promising alternative to the absolute mess that we have let ourselves be trapped in. For more info on the Fediverse, see for instance this.

In short: I don't like how large corporate social media platforms 1) collect our data, aggregate it and keep it to themselves, 2) use that data to influence us in a way that makes them and others exorbitant amounts of money, and 3) make it artificially hard to leave them.

Actually I think it is completely ridiculous (and very irresponsible) that we have let such platforms control such a huge part of our lives; we leave critical decisions - about whose voices we want to amplify, what stories we want to tell and hear, and how we want to be shaped - to some random, unelected corporate group of techies.

Should the state step in? Break up and nationalize Facebook? Twitter? Ridiculous situations might require ridiculous solutions?

I don't know.

But what I do know is that if the Fediverse properly takes off, that might not even be necessary. We might be able to take back the digital streets ourselves.

Fediverse links

From here:

  • Mastodon - Microblogging. The most popular service and Twitter alt. (my account)
  • Pleroma - Microblogging. A lightweight, customisable Twitter alt.
  • Misskey - Microblogging. A featureful, vibrante Twitter alt.
  • PeerTube - Video streaming. YouTube alt.
  • Plume - Federated blogging.
  • Write.as - Federated blogging.
  • Lemmy - Link aggregator. Reddit alt. (my account)
  • Pixelfed - Photo sharing. Instagram alt.
  • Friendica - Microblogging+. Facebook alt.
  • Funkwhale - Audio streaming. Spotify alt.
  • And many more. See Fediverse.party or Fediverse.party or this Servers list.
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